Beautiful video

A beautiful animation by Charlie Aitken, inspired from a song from 14, an album by Filtig and myself released by FYTINI.

Omelettio ad absurdum

A few months ago pianist and composer, Kaja Draksler asked me to write some poems to set them to music. So I did and then she did set them to music and now here's a live perfomance of one of those songs by the Kaja Draksler Octet, at the Bimhuis on 20 May 2016! Omelettio ad absurdum Eggs look so innocent Eggs look so enigmatic Every time I see an egg I just want to break it To see what’s inside But it looks so innocent It breaks my heart To break it And it looks so enigmatic It breaks my brain Not to break it But it looks So innocent So enigmatic Broken heart Broken brain Egg still unbroken If you liked this, you can listen to the entire gig right here!

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