• andrianaminou

squirrel song

Farewell 2016 / Squirrel Power

In the little yellow room

I draw your image on the wall

And everything turns yellow

Your fingers your feet

Your hair and your teeth

in my time of peril

Will you be my squirrel

Just bite

Through my heart

The night

We will part

In the little blue room

I draw your image on the floor

And everything turns blue

Your eyes and your ears

Your heart and your tears

Before I’m forgotten

Will you be my autumn

I’ll fall

like a leaf

as small

as my grief

In the little black room

I draw your image on the door

But I can’t see you in the dark

I can’t see anything

I cry and cry in despair

But then you turn the lights on

You were there

All along

You were right there

Silly me

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