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future memory of a perfect day

From our latest Coocoolili show at Jamboree Music Venue in London

Coocoolili: My favourite things

Tuesday, 6th of March at Jamboree, London

"Future Memory of a Perfect Day" (Lou Reed cover)

Piano: Nikos Stavlas

Percussion: Christina Baltatzi

Text/Song/Stylophone: Andriana Minou

Xylophone: Artemis Ignatidou

Out of all the things in the world, what wouldn’t you mind doing more? Desires and longings, indulgences, vices and quirks, traffic lights and spaghetti with ketchup, all together in a single evening of celebrating our secret and shared pleasures. Coocoolili & Friends are presenting an evening of music, spoken word and performance on their favourite theme, that is, “My Favourite Things”. Come and find out what we enjoy doing (or not doing) and share your favourite things with us over your favourite drink at our favourite place, Jamboree , for the FINAL time as it is slated to close at the end of March.

The players were: Christina Baltatzi Dominique Chardonnay Professor Jack Darcy Artemis Ignatidou Andriana Minou Stella Parlavantza Nikos Stavlas Maria Xypaki

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