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Coocoolili Fairytales

Coocoolili Fairy Tales

Sunday 26 November

Doors: 7.30 pm till midnight – Show starts at 8.00 pm Entry Price: £8 advance / £10 door / £7 student & low income

What size were Cinderella’s glass slippers? Was Little-Red-Riding-hood a communist? Was Sleeping Beauty actually awakened by Prince Charming’s garlic breath? Was there a Fairy-Godfather? How does it feel to be extinct? How does it feel to be fictional? Is our life simply a hackneyed tale and, if so, who is narrating it? Can an ending ever be happy? Come to the Jamboree and ponder with us over those not-so-rhetorical questions, share a drink, sing along, dance, laugh and live happily ever after. We promise your tube carriage won’t turn into a pumpkin.

The players shall be:

  • Dominique Chardonnay

  • Pierre Gruyere

  • Artemis Ignatidou

  • Sketo Lucas

  • Veronique Malbec

  • Marie-Angela Melato

  • Andriana Minou

  • Stella Parlavantza

  • Nikos Stavlas

Jamboree Venue 6 St Chads Place, London, WC1X 9HH

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