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Fiction Kitchen Berlin

Just received Fiction Kitchen Berlin, a collection of wonderful&weird fiction (including mine) lovingly edited by Shane O'Halloran! You can get your copy on amazon

Prepare to enter a world where the ordinary gives way to the extraordinary in 'Fiction Kitchen Berlin: An Anthology of Weird and Wonderful Flash Fiction.' Inside these pages, you'll encounter a captivating collection of unconventional short stories sourced from the pages of Fiction Kitchen Berlin, an online literary magazine. These thought-provoking tales are brought to you by forty-eight talented authors, each with a unique voice and vision. Although the Kitchen is now closed, its memory will live on through this anthology.

p.s. the story included here is an English adaptation of a story from my very first book. At some point it was accepted by a literary journal but the editor eventually refused to publish it as he couldn't accept a story including the word "constipation" in his journal.


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