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STAGE / film

Andriana often collaborates with fellow artists and has  composed music for many kinds of performances. One of the directors she collaborates with is Anastasia Koumidou. This is the trailer for one of Anastasia's projects for which Andriana composed the music, the theatrical play, "Capo d'Istria", which was performed in BETON7 theatre in Athens.  The play won a Karolos Koun theatre award in 2014. 

In 2020, film-maker Evi Minou & Heart Attack Films released short film, "Asterion Market", which has been selected in several international film festivals. Andriana wrote some music and a song for this film.

This is the trailer of Evi Minou's film, "Tatoo", for which Andriana  created the soundtrack. And here are the lyrics of the end credits song.


They call you Dulcinea they call me Don Quixote
That alone gives me liver bloating
This is how Venus was born
And before she was cast in plaster
She got chopped in the sink


In 2016, Andriana composed the music for yet another film produced by Heart Attack Films, Asphyxia, and here's the trailer for this one too!

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