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Andriana also writes songs, sometimes all by herself and some other times with a little help from her inconceivably talented friends. She writes songs all the time really. And she very rarely shares them with strangers. But you can listen to some here.

On 22/10/21 she released a personal album titled "εφτά" (seven). The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music/itunes and more music platforms worldwide and you can also listen to it for free at Bandcamp.

Some of her songs are in Greek, like this one, "Duet for one", which was released in an album by DIY label FYTINI, under the nickname Delicassetten Machimenai (she is Machimenai). You can listen to the full album by clicking here .

But she also writes songs in English, like "Heart Jam", a duet with Nikos Stavlas, which was created for her performance "Antidotes"

For some of those, her sister, film maker Evi Minou, has created some fascinating videos. This one is for Andriana's  "Duet for one".



Recently, Fytini released a Valentine's special heartbreaking album of retro Greek songs re-orchestrated by filtig and Andriana singing. You can listen to the whole album here.

In the summer of 2016, FYTINI released a collective album with some poems of the amazing Baroness Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven. Here is a music video created by Evi Minou for Andriana's song in this album. You can listen to the entire album here.

On Friday the 13th 2017, Andriana released her first solo album, μπλάντυ μέρρυ (bloody merry) with FYTINI.  You may listen to it or download it for free from FYTINI's website by clicking right here and you may also watch this beautiful video, created by Filtig for one of the songs in this album

In November 2019, one of Andriana's songs, Chromophobia, was included in a beautiful album by TRUC, Album Photo. 16 songwriters were given an old photo found in a flea market in Paris and wrote songs inspired from these photos. You may listen to it or even buy a copy of the album in a fabulous box-set including a cassette and all the photos the songs were written for!

"The word of sand", a song Andriana wrote for Sand Festival, the first DIY Literature Festival in the remote island of Gavdos, which she co-organised with Strange Days Books in July 2015.

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