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Andriana writes poetry, fiction, performance texts, lyrics, librettos and her texts have been published in collective editions, literary journals, websites and magazines. Her latest projects include a set of poems set into music by a jazz octet and the libretto for an Opera at the Greek National Opera! Her books in Greek, Underage Noirs, Dream-mine, αλλουterra, komik Satie and The squirrel who made a forest disappear are published by Strange Days Books, while her set of experimental texts, Hypnotic Labyrinth is published by Verbivoracious Press in English. Her latest book in English, The Fabulous Dead, was published by Kernpunkt Press in March 2020 and in Greek by Stigmos in 2021.

photo by Arttaf

Her second book, Dream-mine, was published by Strange Days Books in October 2017. You may listen to a reading of an excerpt from the book by Andriana herself right here.

Since January 2018, she has been working on her project αλλουterra, at assodyo online journal. Sketches, texts and soundscapes from her night rides in a city that never wakes up, or else an attempt at describing some of her entirely real dreams. Click on the image to the right to get teleported to αλλουterra. αλλουterra was also published by Strange Days Books in the form of an illustrated flash fiction book with soundscapes in December 2018. The book was also released in Spanish by the same publisher.

The labyrinth lover


He was a labyrinth-maker.

He talked about Van Gogh a lot.

He whispered S’s and F’s in my ear.

He kissed my earlobes every night.

He brought me lots of presents;

Earrings, earphones, cotton buds, earplugs.

One day he brought me a beautiful scalpel.

I gave him my heart in return. 

And he cried.

He didn’t want it, you see.

All he wanted from me

Was the labyrinth in my ear.

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