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Andriana Minou

Andriana Minou is a musician and writer, born in Greece and living in London since 2004. She works mainly as a pianist and is the founder of the Vladimir&Estragon Piano Duo and the Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble. Andriana holds a BA in Piano Performance (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki), an MA in Performing Arts (Middlesex University, London) and a PhD in Piano Performance Practice (Goldsmiths, University of London). As an academic researcher she has organised the 1st International Jani Christou Conference (London, 2013) and has presented her work at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2014). She has written librettos and performance texts for operas and performances presented around the world (Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Athens etc.). As a composer/songwriter she has released albums with the DIY label FYTINI (as Delicassetten Machimenai and andrianette) and composed music for various performances, films and theatrical plays. Her work as a writer and poet has been published by Strange Days Books, The Paper Nautilus, Rattle Journal, poetix, Sand Journal, tiny spoon, codepoetry, chimeres, FIVE:2:ONE and more. She is a co-curator of Sand Festival, a DIY literature summer festival in various Greek beaches. Her latest book, 'The Fabulous Dead' was recently published by Kernpunkt Press (March 2020, New York), while her book terrallà (Strange Days Books) was recently published in Spanish. Do visit her blog for all her latest artistic adventures!

photo by Evi Minou
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