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The moon is electric

Our latest project with composer, Thanasis Deligiannis, is based on a little text of mine from my new book, Dream-mine. This text is part of Hypnotic Labyrinth, which will be published by Verbivoracious Press this summer. The project will be performed around the Netherlands until the end of June.

Here is the text and click on my clumsy sketch if you would like to find out more about the project by the composer himself, watch a teaser and see the dates/venues it will be performed.

The moon is electric. The girl takes her clothes off preparing to get in the bathtub with the electric moon. Her skin, soft and transparent, rubs against the moon’s sharp edges a little, as she’s trying to make herself comfortable. Just a tiny scratch on her thigh, it’s nothing. She floats in the water, rests her head on the tiles and shuts her eyes. The moon’s cable is fitted with a plug and the plug is hanging out of the bathtub. Someone’s watching, hiding behind the Byōbu. He’s staring at the parts of her skin that momentarily emerge from the water, deliciously ephemeral limbs. He’s watching the switched-off-electric-moon–taking-a-bath-with-her. He’s watching the hanging plug and cable. He’s watching her shut eyes and peaceful mouth. He’s watching her languid arm. He’s watching the scratch on her thigh. He’s watching the water as it’s slowly cooling down. He’s watching the hanging plug and cable. He’s watching and licking, he’s licking his lips, licking his tears.

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