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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Doors: 7 till Midnight / Show starts at 8.30 Entry Price: Suggested Donation: £5

Coocoolili is a group of musicians and performers presenting an evening of a variety of acts brought together under a common theme; an evening of music, songs, spoken word, performance, dance, quirky tomfooleries, profound ideas and profanities.

Are you worried about BREXIT? Would you like to stay in the UK forever? But are you British enough? Are you British, yet quite fond of European stuff too? Do you have mixed feelings about Elton John? Have you been having nightmares about drinking British wine? Are you confused, perplexed, embarrassed, terrified or bored with all this? Coocoolili in collaboration with the HomeOffice have put together a special evening for all of you who are tormented by such thoughts and emotions, offering you the chance to win a UK residency card and (above all) the ability to laugh again about serious matters. So come along to a night of light-hearted lamentation and shameless singing only two days before the general election.

The players shall be: John Foteinos Artemis Ignatidou Andriana Minou Stella Parlavantza John Sotiriou Nikos Stavlas Maria Xypaki

“Explorers of uncharted silliness and seas of trouble, intoxicated with fumes of general infatuation, on an artistic quest in search of the holy whale. Through music, text and a variety of integrated media, Coocoolili interpret realities, tell stories, and create a space where informal sharing can happen, offering a relaxed, warm evening among stranger friends and acquaintances. The group is always open to ideas and invitations but small talk is prohibited.”

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