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Coocoolili presents: My Funny Borderline

My inconceivably talented friends and I are curating and performing an evening of performance and much more on the first Tuesday of every month at Jamboree, London. Here's an excerpt from our first performance on the 7th of February. The theme of that evening was 'My Funny Borderline'.

And some photos by Clarisse D'Arcimoles from that evening

Coocoolili is a group of musicians and performers presenting an evening of a variety of acts brought together under a common theme; an evening of music, songs, spoken word, performance, dance, quirky tomfooleries, profound ideas and profanities.

Explorers of uncharted silliness and seas of trouble, intoxicated with fumes of general infatuation, on an artistic quest in search of the holy whale. Through music, text and a variety of integrated media, Coocoolili interpret realities, tell stories, and create a space where informal sharing can happen, offering a relaxed, warm evening among stranger friends and acquaintances. The group is always open to ideas and invitations but small talk is prohibited.

This first night, taking place exactly one week before Valentine’s Day, is titled “My Funny Borderline”, and explores the troubles and joys of enamoured subjects (and objects) and some good old clichés through a blend of music, songs and performances.

Jamboree Cable Street Studios Courtyard, 566 Cable Street, Limehouse, London, E1W 3HB

Bar opens at 7.00 / Performance starts at 8.30

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