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Coocoolili: Bad Habits

Opening of Coocoolili's Tuesday 7/11 show at Jamboree, London under the theme of "Bad Habits".

"Aliens" by Charles Bukowski & "I drink" ("Je bois" by Boris Vian in free English translation)

voice&translation: Andriana Minou

piano: Nikos Stavlas

percussion: Christina Baltatzi

drinking: Artemis Ignatidou, Stella Parlavantza, Maria Xypaki

Do you often indulge in pleasures that would make your pastor cringe? And then join in? Have you ever had to tell your partner off for having their 5-a-day in the form of G&Ts? Did they immediately break up with you for doing so? Coocoolili & Co invite you to a night of music, performance, comedy, puppetry and alcohol, celebrating some of our most preferred vices, our most regular guilt-inducing indulgences, our professed self-destructing virtues. It’s time to have a drink. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or maybe more?

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