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Happy 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 is already full of projects and here's what's already scheduled for the first half of this exciting year:

January: Tiny Spoon journal issue 3, 'Consumption' contains a story from my upcoming book, 'The Fabulous Dead'.

7 March: Prayers of Incompetence @ Orgelpark, Amsterdam, for which I collaborate with one of my favourite friends and colleagues, composer Thanasis Deligiannis

14 March: ORFEAS 2020 @ Greek National Opera Alternative Stage, a queer version of Monteverdi's Orfeo for which I've written the libretto and a bit of the music

22 March: αλλουterra @ The Ghost in the Machine, ONCA Gallery, Brighton, for which I will present my book, αλλουterra as an interactive literary board game along with 11 other artists

12 April: 'The Fabulous Dead' book reading @ New York (more info tba)

26 June: Ludwig Van by Mauricio Kagel @ Morley College, London in collaboration with Kagel specialist, Nikos Stavlas and Coocoolili

Keep visiting this blog for more and happy 2020 to all <3

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