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The Fabulous Dead: Official Release&Review

In the midst of a time of (at least physical) restriction, my book, 'The Fabulous Dead', which is a lot about how boundless human identity may be, is officially released today by Kernpunkt Press. For its official release, Heavy Feather Review did me the honour of publishing a really insightful review by Christina Ghent, to whom I am very grateful.

Click on the image below to read this review, get an idea about the book and also find some links to websites (such as amazon, spd, kernpunkt) where you can order it. I'd love to know what you thought if you take the time to read it. Also, if you have a goodreads profile I would be more than grateful if you wrote a couple of sentences about it at the book's goodreads page right here

Hope you're all well and staying safe

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