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Postcards from Home

Listen to this beautiful album of songs written and performed by various songwriters during quarantine recorded using the simplest means possible - no edits, retouches etc. The album was put toghether by the fabulous Pierre Chandeze aka With A Messy Head and it incudes a song of mine (as andrianette) about this spring of hibernation and the promise of summer hiding in enormous details. Click on the image to check out With A Messy Head's bandcamp with lots more great compilations.

Hibernating till le temps de l’amour

I sip my soup all winter tiny floating jokes trying to make me laugh tears crashing them so rough then they hide somewhere else Faraway in a better moment

I peel my onions all winter a bit melodramatically then I peel tulip bulbs then I peel human hearts I plant them in pots of clay singing in a horrid French accent

I hear them grow all winter I keep the soil so moist I peer at the bleeding stalks I wait till the flower talks The flower of transparent nudity The flower of nocturnal heartbeats

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