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"Yet the sound of histories forgotten

In the howl of the wind

Will remain’'

Minaminotori is a story told through song, live recorded loops, analog electronics, light, dance, movement and spoken word (written by myself!), which was performed on 10/9 at this year's Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht and will be performed on 15/9 in Tilburg!

The singers of NKK NXT, the talent development programme of the Nederlands Kamerkoor, together with the Rosa Ensemble, present the programme Minaminotori, a choreography for eight singers and tape recorders. Minaminotori is a musical expedition into our desires and ideals, and the impossible sacrifices we have to make to achieve them.

Minaminotori was created partly on the basis of play exercises, conversations and musical improvisations with the singers of NKK NXT. The audience sits on the stage, in the middle of a surround set-up and within touching distance of the singers, who sometimes operate devices, as technicians, then join each other in song, or in choreography, with loud electronic beats and multicoloured voices, descending into a Babylonian frenzy until nothing is left except the sound of the wind…

PERFORMERS Singers from NKK NXT 22/23: Emily Pahlawan Collinson Olga Grammatikopoulou Maria Eichler Sean Bell Ishtar Bakhtali Maryana Golovchenko

Iolaysa Braga Tavares Alba Roorda Martinez


Daniel Cross - Music and concept Andriana Minou - Text Thanasis Deligiannis - Workshop coach Dionne Verwey - Direction Béni Csillag - Introduction Mathijn den Duijf, Mathijs Leeuwis (Het Concreet) - Analogue Ira Helfferich - Digital Antal van Nie, Thomas Koopmans - Sound Advice Rob Touwslager - Lighting Vincent Schoutsen - Set


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