Coocoolili Postalgia 1/12

Coocoolili present: Postalgia Sunday 1st of December Jamboree pop-up 27 Three Colt Street, E14 8HH, London 7 pm till midnight / show starts at 8.30 Entry: £5 at the door Click here to RSVP to our facebook event “Postalgia”– A yearning for a projected future that never was Last year, I gave you my year but the very next year you gave me your rear. This year, to save me a year I’ll go with Jose to Valencia. Come hear about utopias and pasts, unfulfilled dreams that come true (sometimes), betrayed expectations and the time that passes ever so slowly for those who wait (no time to hesitate). Brand new drums and brand new Brahms, accurate predictions of your past, and alternative realities. Bring

Album Photo

Photos of anonymous and forgotten people unearthed in a flea market of Paris, gain new life thanks to musicians found by TRUC! Musical snapshots that are not clichés are included in this album and one of them, Chromophobia, is mine (and my organetta's <3)! You may listen to it online for free or order your copy of the album (available in a stunning cassette box-set version including all the beautiful photos that inspired the songs and more!) and support this truly special project by clicking on the photo below.

Review @ FIVE:2:ONE

A review for my book, 'The Fabulous Dead' (forthcoming March 2020 by Kernpunkt Press) is out today at FIVE:2:ONE magazine! Many thanks to Artemis Ignatidou for her insightful read and to Nathan Alan Schwartz for his hospitality. The book is already available to pre-order on Amazon and Kernpunkt. Click on the bookcover to read!

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