Youkali with Coocoolili

So here's a video from our latest performance Coocoolili: Postalgia at Jamboree, London. One of my favourite songs by Kurt Weil (english lyrics by Samantha Echo) about a place of dreams. If you would like to see more videos visit Coocoolili's website or facebook page and don't forget to follow us to stay updated about our upcoming shows! Click on the image to be teleported to the video!

Timeo Musas @ Berlin Fiction Kitchen

So today, after a long Odyssey, this flash fiction piece of mine from my very first book ('Underage Noirs') has found a home for the first time in English at the fabulous Berlin Fiction Kitchen! If you are curious to see what happens when a Muse suffers from constipation, click on the image and have a read!

αλλουterra #22

Πορτοφόλια από ανθρώπινο δέρμα και ζήσαν αυτοί κάπου μεταξύ Βενετίας και Βομβάης Κλικ στην εικόνα για το νέο επεισόδιο αλλουterra στο περιοδικό ασσόδυο

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